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  1. Intellectual Property
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  3. Prohibited Usage
  4. You are prohibited from using this Website for any of the following activities:

    • Any activity that does or has the potential to infringe upon the properties and/or legal rights (including privacy rights) of others.
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    • Any activity that does or has the potential to disturb public order.
    • Uploading programs and/or files that contain viruses and/or corrupted files that may damage the operation of other computers.
    • Any activity that violates laws and/or legally binding regulations.
    • Making false statements and/or notifications, including registration of e-mail addresses belonging to other parties.
  5. Proposals and Offers
  6. You are requested to refrain from sending your/others' trade secrets to Circa, in the form of inquiries made through this Website or otherwise. You are also requested to refrain from making business offers and/or proposals including, without limitation, suggestions, materials or ideas for new or improved products, unless such offers are invited on this Website. Regardless of the foregoing request, if your ideas are brought to our attention, they will be treated, unless otherwise specified, as though you are in agreement with the following terms:

    • Circa is under no obligation to handle the submitted idea as confidential information.
    • Circa is under no obligation to study, evaluate or adopt the submitted idea.
    • Even if Circa adopts an idea identical or similar in whole or in part to the submitted idea, Circa is neither responsible nor liable for any compensation thereof.
  7. Disclaimer
  8. Regarding the information on this Website, Circa makes no representation and warranty with respect to:

    1. Accuracy, reliability, completeness and usefulness.
    2. Fitness for any particular purpose or functionality.
    3. Availability of information on a timely basis.
    4. Safety of contents and freedom from computer viruses.
    5. Information and contents of any linked non-Circa site that you access.

    Moreover, in no event will Circa be liable for any damage or cause of any damage based on or resulting from change and/or removal of any information on this Website and/or suspension or discontinuation of this Website.

  9. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction
  10. These Terms of Use and Circa's Website are governed by and determined in accordance with the laws of India. All controversies and disputes arising from or related to these Terms of Use and Circa's Website shall be submitted to and resolved by the Court in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India.

  11. Links to Non-Circa Websites
  12. Anyone may create links to Circa's Website from Internet or intranet sites, regardless of whether they are commercial or non-profit sites, provided that they first read and agree to the "Disclaimer and Link Setting Conditions". Prior application and/or contact is necessary.

    Disclaimer and Link Setting Conditions

    1. Circa accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any problems or damages that may result from linking to the Website.
    2. Circa makes no promise that information and URLs contained in this Website will remain permanently unchanged. Changes may be made without notice.
    3. The use of the Circa logo as part of a link icon is not allowed (permission from Circa is required in order to use the Circa logo).
    4. Links from websites that correspond to any of the following are not allowed:
      • Any website with content that is defamatory in nature towards Circa or Circa Group companies, or Circa or Circa Group executives or staff
      • Any website with content that is defamatory in nature towards Circa or circa Group products and services.
      • Any website with illegal or possibly illegal content.
      • Any website with content that is obscene, or content that is contrary to social ethics, or public order and morals.
      • Websites that do not make it clear that the Website belongs to Circa by for example displaying the Website within the frame of another website.
    5. Where Circa requests that a link be removed after having deemed a certain website to be inappropriate according to the conditions above or for any other reason, the link must be removed immediately.