Silent Glow™ Technology - Fever Alarm

For End-Stage Renal Disease Patients

Illuminated fever alarm – Microlife is the first company in Europe to launch the Silent GlowTM Technology, enabling easy readability of high temperatures. All Microlife infrared thermometers use this registered Swiss trademarked Silent GlowTM Technology.

A green light will show if temperatures are up to 37.4°C

A red light will show if temperatures exceed 37.4°C

Blue Tracking Light Technology

For End-Stage Renal Disease Patients

The blue tracking light of the non contact thermometer indicates the correct measurement area and also the distance in the dark.

1-Second Technology

For pre-eclampsia patients

Trademark No. 559901™ (CH)

Circa 98 Fx has a new 1-second IR thermometer that uses “real-time” technology. This new patented technology ensures superior accuracy.

Good to know


Clinically validated

In cooperation with an Austrian hospital several studies have been conducted proving the accuracy and reliability of our infrared thermometers.


Mercury free thermometers

Mercury in thermometers has been officially forbidden in India due to the fact that it is a highly toxic heavy metal. Microlife has always been producing well-being and protection of the environment.



Microlife thermometers have been tested for biocompatibility in order to guarantee the absolute harmless application of the thermometers for the user. All the materials of applied parts in Microlife thermometers are biocompatible in compliance with ISO10993.