Validated Blood Pressure Monitors for Obese patients

Obesity and high blood pressure, the correlation 

Evidence suggests that the prevalence of obesity among Indians has doubled over the past two decades, so much so that today, one in three Indians is Obese. High blood pressure is more likely if you are overweight or obese because the greater the body mass, the more blood you need to supply oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, increasing the blood going through your vessels thereby putting more pressure on your arteries, increasing blood pressure. Studies show that many obese patients in India suffer from high blood pressure. Therefore, to avoid any health complications that arise from hypertension, doctor’s advice obese patients to keep track of their blood pressure regularly.

Regular home blood Pressure monitors are not suited for obese patients:

Obese patients fall under Special Patient groups (SPGs). While regular home blood pressure monitors work well for straight non-obese patients, obese patients face a specific problem related to the cuff size, as they tend to have a greater arm circumference. While measuring blood pressure, the ideal cuff should have a bladder length that is 80% and width that is at least 40% of the arm circumference., as an undersized cuff increases the chances of getting inaccurate blood pressure readings. This means that, if the blood pressure of an obese patient is measured with non-SPG-validated devices, there could be two possible outcomes. An obese patient could falsely test positive for hypertension, which may put them at the risk of a misdiagnosis or, hypertension may go undetected that could lead to a disability, or even a fatal heart attack or stroke.

SPG-validated Cuffs can ensure accurate blood pressure readings in obese patients:

In the case of Obese patients, the size of the cuff is as important as the accuracy of the Blood Pressure Monitor itself. If a patient is Obese, they should only use home blood pressure monitors, with clinically validated cuffs sizes.

Circa 120/80 has monitors and cuffs (S, M, L-XL) that are clinically validated for all Special Patient Groups (SPG). It’s L-XL cuff enables obese patients with large arm-circumferences get accurate blood pressure readings, thus helping them monitor their pressure better.

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