Diabetes: Importance of using a clinically validated Home Blood Pressure Monitor (HBPM)


Diabetes and Hypertension, the correlation:

When diagnosed with a lifestyle disease like diabetes, doctors will typically explain to you the importance of monitoring your Blood Glucose levels using a Blood Glucose Meter. Additionally, you will also be advised to keep track of your blood pressure. Why, you would ask, is blood pressure measurement of importance to a diabetic? 

Well, studies show that in America, two out of three diabetics have high blood pressure, while studies carried out in the UK show that over 80% of diabetes patients have high blood pressure. Comparable data for India is not freely available, but given the Indian diet and general exercise levels, it is safe to assume that in India, the correlation between diabetes and high blood pressure is equally high.

The importance of measuring blood pressure for diabetics:

Just like diabetes, high blood pressure is also known to accelerate end-organ damage. Thus, when a diabetic patient suffers from high blood pressure, it creates a deadly combination with disastrous consequences. High Blood Pressure is a major contributor to cardiovascular and other life-threatening diseases, and therefore, it must be monitored regularly by patients themselves. While regular Home Blood Pressure Monitors work well for non-diabetic patients, they might not provide accurate readings for patients suffering from diabetes.  

Diabetes a Special Patients Group:

Diabetic patients with hypertension belong to Special Patient Groups when it comes to blood pressure monitoring. Patients with diabetes are prone to stiff arteries resulting in added pressure needed to pump blood throughout their body. Home devices, at times, are unable to account for the irregularities that occur in a diabetic patient and end up giving inaccurate readings.  

It is therefore important to consider the different metabolic behaviour of Special Patients Groups while purchasing a Home Blood Pressure Monitor for a diabetic patient. 

The Circa 120/80 Home Blood Pressure Monitors have been clinically validated for several Special Patient Groups. Thus, they deliver accurate results and are highly recommended for Diabetic patients with hypertension.

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