Know why your blood pressure fluctuates

When you monitor your blood pressure regularly, you will notice that your readings may sometimes be inconsistent even during a single day, let alone a month. But before you hurry to your doctor, here’s what you need to know. Blood … Continued

Clinically validated blood pressure monitors in pregnancy and pre-eclampsia

Numerous problems arise during pregnancy, and for mother and child to be safe, it’s important to be alert and mindful. One such critical problem that pregnant women are susceptible to is Pre-eclampsia – a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure. Studies have … Continued

Diabetes: Importance of using a clinically validated Home Blood Pressure Monitor (HBPM)

Diabetes and Hypertension, the correlation: When diagnosed with a lifestyle disease like diabetes, doctors will typically explain to you the importance of monitoring your Blood Glucose levels using a Blood Glucose Meter. Additionally, you will also be advised to keep … Continued