About Us

Eris Lifesciences is one of the fastest growing companies within the chronic and acute categories of the Indian Branded Formulations markets such as cardiovascular, diabetes, gastroenterology, nephrology, gynaecology, paediatrics, orthopaedics, pain management, oncology, infertility management, neurology and psychiatry etc. Our focus has been on developing, manufacturing and marketing products which are linked to lifestyle related disorders that are chronic in nature and are treated by specialist doctors.

Eris features amongst the Top 30 companies in the Indian Branded Formulations Market.

Our core commitment is towards improving health care outcomes and adding value for all our stakeholders including patients, doctors, regulators, employees and business partners.

We are committed to patients and doctors as users of our products; and strive to do our best at every step of the way by providing best of the products and services.

We make ongoing efforts to innovate our products by bringing the best clinical practices in health care industry to our customers.

We conduct ourselves with high integrity to ensure respect of our colleagues is maintained and their excellence is recognized. We aspire to provide best of compensation and career opportunities to our colleagues.

Company History & Milestone

Eris Lifesciences was founded by Mr Amit Bakshi and team in 2007.

Eris has outpaced the Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM) growth with a CAGR of 24.1% in Chronic and 14.1% in Acute therapy segment. Chronic category contributes to over 62.4% of our revenues as compared to 34.8% contribution to the IPM. Eris is the second fastest growing company in Chronic therapy amongst the top 25 companies.

Since its inception, Eris has rapidly climbed the ranking to 26th in 2018. In the process, Eris has launched numerous products and acquired multiple companies in the health sector to expand its operations and provide state-of-the-art products and services for its customers.