Batch to Batch

Until now, Blood Glucose Monitors were using strips, which may not be very accurate as they are bendable and are easily be contaminated.

Strips are made with carbon or screen printing which are easily damaged

Cartridge, on the other hand resolve many problems that strips have.

It is sturdier thus not easily bendable and the blood sample area is far from the finger grip area so “Zero” chance of contamination.

The shorter test pathway is also a reason for better accuracy.

Cartridge is manufactured individually and is not made with carbon or screen printing.

Cartridge is more reliable and accurate. The Era of strips is now over.

Advanced Cartridge Design

Durable and injection molded cartridge with No wires design avoid transmission loss

Conventional Strips Design

Conventional wired strip might cause errors while strip is bended.

Shorter Test Pathway

Validus Technology’s shorter pathway ensures electrochemical area is stable and therefore delivers consistently accurate results.

Long Test Pathway

With conventional screen printed test strips, the longer pathway can become unstable, increasing the possibility of error

Easy to hold

A solid, durable, single-layer handle, for easier handling and less damage and waste.

Ease of Use

A side insert cartridge with ridged handle for easier insertion of cartridge into the meter.

Less chance of contamination

A separate cartridge holding area ensures no contamination and promotes hygiene

Patented Technology

Patent of Core Technology

US7740746 Disposable electrochemical sensor cartridge

Countries where patent issued :US,TW,CN,EP,JP,KR

Claim (Coverage of Patent) :A disposable electrochemical sensor cartridge, comprising: at least a conductive raw material
A metal film coated on said conductive raw material for forming an electrode whose surface gets involved with the reaction then send a signal output for what was measured. The insulation piece has at least a through hole in which the electrode is mounted


  • Less consumption of noble metal used by electrodes
  • Much shorter manufacturing time required.
  • Electrodes surfaces are consistently exposed to and fully react with whole blood in the pit (thru hole) to maintain each measurement at extremely high repeatability.

Multi-roughness at the sample inlet

I294964 Structure and Process of Disposable electrochemical sensor strip

Countries where patent issued : TW,CN

A disposable electrochemical sensor cartridge comprising:


  • One insulation piece having one or more Reaction Pit, which is divided into Area 1 and Area 2 which sits between Area 1 and insulation piece . The Reaction Pit is a built-in cavity on insulation piece
  • One covering film to seal the Reaction Pit
  • One reaction pit.
  • Electrodes located inside the reaction pit for measuring and transmitting the current signal measured. In addition, the roughness of Area 2 is lower than that of Area 1. and reaction pit has an opening toward outside, at the edge of insulation piece.


  • Tension differences generated due to the roughness change at both areas can help stop the blood sample from leaking out.
  • The bumpy edge design can avoid blood sample clogging at inlet and poor flowing into the reaction pit.

Proper distance between 2 electrodes

CN101520428 Electrochemical measuring and sensor strip

Countries where patent issued : CN


A disposable electrochemical sensor cartridge comprising:

  • insulation piece
  • reaction pit, a built-in cavity on
  • insulation piece.
  • One covering film to seal the Reaction Pit.
  • Two electrodes mounted in the reaction
  • pit at a distance > 1000μm


  • Maintaining a distance >1000μm and <1100μm, the two electrodes tend to acquire enhanced measuring sensibility; in the meantime, less defection rate of insulation piece can be seen, for cracking and breakage are reduced in manufacturing processes.

Why Circa Validio?

Advance design :Duration and injection-molded cartridge with no wires design avoid transmission loss .
Shorter test pathway : One of the reason for inaccuracy is longer test pathway. The distance of 2 electrode on the test pathway is important. The longer the time blood sample take to reach from one electrode to another electrode, the more inaccurate the result will be.
Easy to hold : Cartridge have a wide grip area and the blood sample area is on the side unlike the strip which is very thin and have the blood sample area on the same side which makes it harder to hold.
Less chance of contamination : The Cartridge holding area and the blood sample area are on the different sides which allows the blood sample to not get contaminated.
Easy to use :Cartridge have a wide holding area so the elder people can also use it easily. Other than that, Circa Validio have a side insert mechanism so there is no chance for the contamination of the blood sample.