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World’s Best Blood Pressure Measuring Device

Circa 120/80 is a compact, portable blood pressure measuring device with an accuracy that is at par with the one measured by a doctor. Circa 120/80 is sold all over the world as WatchBP Home by Microlife, world’s leading company in development and production of medical diagnostic equipments. Their blood pressure measuring devices are recommended by international medical societies and used in various global studies by expert doctors.

Circa 120by80_logo

Globally available as

WatchBP Home

The only device validated as per the protocols of leading global academic bodies.

Validated according to Protocols of

Protocols of Home Blood Pressure Monitoring
recommended by leading global bodies

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Have been incorporated in Circa 120/80

More than

120 clinical trials/ studies

carried out across Globe using WatchBP home devices

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  • India’s largest on going study, India Heart Study,that compares Home Blood pressure with Office measurement uses Watch BP Home devices.